Glass Tears

Man Ray’s Female Portraits

This year Tate Modern is hosting Elton John’s modernist photography collection. When I saw his collection of Man Ray’s female portraits, I was so touched that I felt a need to cry. The female portraits struck me intensely like a thousand rays of flashlight. I cried silently as I left the exhibition because it was too beautiful.

Since then, I’ve been wondering what exactly was it that made me cry. For some reason, as I look back to Man Ray’s photography through online images, it never feels the same. Perhaps I will never see “Glass Tears” or “Noire et Blanche” ever again in print in my life, so perhaps I’ll never know.

Maybe I was just out of my mind that day.


Noire et Blanche (1926), by Man Ray, gelatin silver print

glass tears

Glass Tears (1932), by Man Ray, gelatin silver print